Upper east sIde Makati!!

Posted: April 6, 2009 in Uncategorized
things i love and adore…

1.well, what i really love about makati is the crowd bustling and wrestling their way through their respective skyscrapers, dressed in really posh longsleeves, coat and tie for the men, executive dresses for some of the women, and yet the scorching heat of the sun still doesnt  seem to bother them at all..(kudos for corporate world!!)
2.the people here dont really care about the world around them at all..it looks like all they think about is getting to their work place and bahala na ang mga tao sa paligid..they are not maarte.they can ride really ugly jeeps in their smart and fashionable corporate dresses(i dont mean to insult their jeepneys but its true..kagang2 to the maxx..dili bagay ang outfit sa mga tao sa jeep..good thing now, there are airconditioned jeeps..medyo na posh gamay..ehehheh)..whether they stand all trip inside the buses with their ultimate high heels, carry pa sad nila..applauses please…hahahah..lol..and the buses are getting posh already..flat tv screens on board..thanx too manrose liner, jmk,winstar, cher buses and a couple of others..
3.ayala avenue is so nice this holiday season…the christmas decors are so grandiose..its really superb..i dont know how to describe it..basta alternate purple and pink ang color..its so regal..it shows the makati is really one of the highest revenue generating city in the country(no wonder Binay is running for presidency this presidential elections…ing ana ka rich ang makati..and speaking of makati being adamantly rich..ive heard na they give free uniforms to students in their public institutions and college will just cost you a thousand per sem..lol..do you believe that??)..i love the lights..probably ill take a pic of it one of these days..
4.there is definitely starbucks on every block or shall i say every other building..the starbucks cafe are sometimes hidden in every building..it shows how lavish the people in makati are right??..and besides starbucks, there is jollibee too in every block..ahhahahhah…kalevel sila..ana lang..and also thanks to ministop and 7/11, you dont have to worry about food or any commodity..you can just drop by their stores 24 hrs and get everyhting you need from food to soaps and basically everything…they are also located every block and the proximity from one shop to another is really just a block away..
5.if there is pungko2 in cebu..they have jolly jeep..of course,..dili bagay ang mupungko sa mga executive mao ng mubarog nalang sila..makes sense??its just so hirap nga lang to stand and its so init pa..ehheheh..
6.people hang out not only in greenbelt or glorietta but also in the bulidings too..ive heard that there are live bands in pbcom or rcbc tower(im not sure though) every fri night 8th floor??im not sure..ahhehehe
7.the skyscrapers are so great to look at and thanx to their towering heights, they can cover up the heat of the sun sometimes..and also the view from our floor building is so breathtaking..you’d see some swimmin in the topmost floor of their unit..and helicopters on helipads too..
8.if you think that puro kamahalan nalang ang makati..better think again..there are still a lot of UK shops in buendia..ahhhahha..im a frequent visitor actually..
9.and also.when i say that the people are really posh..it includes our less fortunate brothers and sisters that are on the streets begging for a peso or for something to eat..i discovered this once when i was walking along the streets in buendia..near ps..when i came across this old lady with her cup asking for alms..she even greeted me “good morning” with a radiant smile on her face and i really appreciated her for doing that..dapat tularan nila si  nanay..at least she greeted me, not just asked there and beg for mercy..
10.the local police and traffic enforcers are strict when it comes to implementing rules by the road..its bawal pala to litter even ur cig butts on the streets and walk lanes..so my officemate was fined a thousand for littering in burgundy tower..hahhaha..trivia:the law enforcers dressed up like civilians to make them blend with the crowd and leave them unnoticed..hahhaha..
11.i love makati med too..when i went there 2 weeks ago for the 1st time just for the sake of taking advantage of my medicard, i was really flabbergasted by their new wing..char!!oa ra sad na description..well they have a really nice cafeteria..murag resto and the hospital looks so clean too..and maybe the best part of it is the fact that they have good looking interns and doctors..looks like  a  chinese infested hosp for me..well this is one of my dreams..to work here..ahhahaha..ill go back there again and spy more..ahahhaha

things i hate ……….

1.the traffic!!!who loves traffic jams..the worst experience i had was when i got stuck on traffic from baclaran to ayala for 3hours!!when it normally took me 15-20 mins!! that was because of teh flood in buendia…
2.even though makati is already well developed..its still flooding!!!!!!kmzta ilang drainage..way budget??
3.when i walk home everyday, i always have to pass through the subways below which is sometimes too traumatic for me coz itll take like 100 steps going up and down when the fact is ur just crossing the street..its really mandatory…probably im just too lazy..
4. pollution is so widespread ..esp air pollution and try wiping your face after work with a tissue,its literally black as in black!!!!!
5.it’s very hot and warm when its a sunny day….its terrible..feels like hell..maybe hell could be worst..
6.and sometimes i just hate it because its too busy and it feels like there will never be a serene moment in the upper east side..

well, this is it for now guys..
have fun reading and share your thoughts..


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