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Posted: June 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

mmdaThe nation has more pressing issues other than the Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho Sex Scandal and yet what is happening with our legislators right now. All they discuss in the senate are issues that would probably wont feed the children that are famish on the streets, generate jobs for millions of Filipinos who are losing their source of income day by day and are living in fear and doubt.

So, what’s the deal with these video scandals? They say it’s an inhumane treatment of women and affects Eve’s status in the society. Well, I can agree to that. ( To all you feminist out there, I know you are just exercising your right to expression, I have nothing against that)

My point is in peril times like these, when the world is so uncertain and the world economy is plunging down on its end, there are other pressing matters that we as a nation should devote our time, energy and effort with.

One very critical aspect of nation building is character molding (thanks to the lupang hinirang series at church, the spirit of patriotism and nationalism was ignited within me). As Christians in this nation, this character building must start within us. Discipline and love for the nation should start from us.

So, after the Sunday service I took the overpass in crossing the street (instead of directly crossing there and then-which is my habit. It’s not really prohibited though). But I just thought that If I am to carry God’s burden for my nation, the change must start from myself. The past few days, I have been whining whenever I’m in the metro(Ortigas for that matter) because of the pedestrian lanes (uhmm..hanging on the streets, well not really hanging, they’re overpass monstrocities!lol) that the MMDA has created on the busy streets of EDSA. Now, I have to walk like twice the distance of what I usually did before. I often ignored their postings of “WALANG TAWIRAN, NAKAKAMATAY”(If I am to translate that literally in English, it will be..Crossing Forbidden, But now this makes sense to me. This is not just placed as a reminder but as a way of disciplining the people as well.

Hope you guys out there would also share His burden to our nation and let’s make our country a better place to live in.

  1. seollan says:

    cool pic Lol! Xp ~ i got confused with that sign before…hahaha Xp

    ~such a concerned citizen! ^^v

  2. seollan says:

    cool pic Lol! Xp ~ i got confused with that sign before…hahaha Xp

    ~such a concerned citizen! (applause) ^^v

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