Breakfast at Salcedo Park, Makati City

Posted: June 4, 2009 in Random thoughts/blogs

Whipidoooooooooo!!!!!! so its pay day and my office mates and I decided to have breakfast at Salcedo Park.. Ive heard it on tv and it is, well, popular here so we opted to try it..It was also Cher and Win’s first time to be there..I thought I was the only newbee..ahhahah anyway, at first we were lost…They say that its just 2 blocks away from Robinsons Summit bldg..We just was a Saturday traffic pedestrian restrictions..The city was peaceful and i so love it..People were salcedo ataking their dogs for a stroll and a couple of cc agents(you can tell by the looks of those people, you know the jacket thing and the eyebags that they pretty much wear around) were headed to the park too,so we just followed them… when we got there, it was super posh!!hhahahhaa.. A lot of foreigners and balikbayans and not to mention homeowners from Bellair(i hope i spelled that right) would greet you there as you approach the heart of the park.. It was really nice and fabulous there..It’s a food bazaar!!!!!not to mention an international food expose!!!ahhahaha…It’s a showcase of Belgian, Italian, Vietnamese, Vienesse, Filipino, German, Chinese cuisines….Of course, the price is quite high.It’ s like eating in a resto without the ambiance and the comfort..They had tables under tents and it’s kinda warm so it’s really not that comfortable but the food is all worth it.. They had these awfully humungus german sausages I guess.. and also yummy baklava(i dont know if i remember it right, i think its baklava).Tthey had italian pastas….. chinese dimsums…… homemade icecreams…. and also a lot of filipino delicacies.. I cant recall everything anymore..Tthere is lechon of course, danggit, ilocano foods, bicol empanadas and a lot more… What else??recalling it makes me hungry…. What makes it extra special is that the owners are really the ones serving the crowd..It’s amazing!!You’ll see a caucasian selling his own made ice cream..Italians and their pasta, Vietnamese and their shrimp rolls… So we just got this lasagna from tita ope and the shrimp rolls from the Vietnamese girl..salcedo b It was really fun!!!ahhaahahaha….If you’re a connoisseur,Ssalcedo park is the place for you… It’s a must, must visit place in the ultra busy streets of Makati City…


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