A Buffet Lunch with the consultants, residents of VSMMC

Posted: June 30, 2009 in Random thoughts/blogs

( College events that I will always remember….)

May 17, 2007- Kegel’s anatomy was spreading rumors like wildfire that there will be two major workshop operations at the OPD OR (we were actually invited by Ma’am Mia to scrub in if we really wanted to provided that we do preop rounds the night prior to the surgery.

Other schools were having bits and pieces of the news but we didn’t really inform them because it was an operation to die for (it was better that we work ourselves silently, however driven with selfish motives, so that we could scrub in).

May 18,2007- “Welcome Dr. Clement Chan”, a banner at the OPD entrance welcomed us. Dr. Chan- he was our man! We heard from the rumors yesterday from the staff that a Singaporean surgeon would be doing the surgery together with the consultants of the Gyne Department from VSMMC, Chong Hua and Cebu Doctors’ Hospital. We came early at the OPD OR, excited, exhilarated and so nervous about the surgeries that are waiting for us. Our patient arrived early and she told us she’s nervous about her surgery but I assured her that her life is under the hands of the most prestigious surgeons here in Cebu.


The first surgery began at about 10 oclock already because we were still waiting for the surgical team to come. Jean hottie scrubbed in together with a nurse trainee. Caj was their circulating nurse. Dr. Chan, Dr. Cabornay and 2 consultants scrubbed in with them. At the beginning of the surgery, it was really like a scene from Dr. House or Grey’s Anatomy where the resident (Dr. Cabornay for that matter) narrates a brief patient history of the patient to Dr. Chan. In the middle of the surgery, it was quite funny because Dr. Chan has a really funny accent. They were having quite a hard time deciphering what instrument he requested. The radical hysterectomy operation ended at about past 12 noon. The surgical team had lunch break and as we thought of this, our stomachs couldn’t just stop squeezing gastric juices in our tummy. Then as we were craving for the buffet that they had, the NOD informed us that we could go outside and eat with them since we will be scrubbing in for the next case. I really thanked God for this invitation!! As we waited in line, I kindly offered plates to the residents because I wanted them to go ahead of me.  The food was really great and yummy and as much as I wanted to go for a second round,’ I didn’t nalang coz mashy ko sa mga doctors dahil ako ay isang hamak na nursing student lamang.hahahahhaah. But I really loved the idea of me having buffet lunch with the doctors (I know Zark masuka ka,hahahahah)’. Together with Ellainne and me in the table were Dra. Menil and Dra. Maglasang and a nurse trainee. On the table next  to us, are Dr. Pangilinan and the rest of the residents. Anyway, I really feel overwhelmed and grateful that at some point in my student life, I was given this once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s really a big thing for a student like me.

At about 1:30 the nurse trainee and me already scrubbed in for the hysteroscopic myomectomy. The surgery started a little bit late because the personnel from Olympus were still setting up the equipments and preparing the devices. The surgical team was using a hysteroscope attached to a flat screen for magnification and a clear view. Anyway, it was really like an OR back home where you have this flat screen and other hi-tech devices being used. The hysteroscope was inserted through the cervix and we were able to view the patient’ uterus and polyp through the big screen. For the first time in my life, I have really appreciated the stalk in a pedunculated polyp. My group mates and I couldn’t even believe that we were in Sotto.

For a day, it was like we were being teleported to a theater in Seattle Grace Hospital.
For a day, it was like we were really registered nurses back home.
For a day, it was like all were new to us.
For a day, it was a breakthrough in this hospital and I’m glad that in our own little ways, we are part of VSMMC’s history makers.


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