Who is Juan de la Cruz?

Posted: June 30, 2009 in Random thoughts/blogs

( Epitomizing the modern Filipino)

Our country being the Pearl of the Orient Seas is indeed a nation blessed with a unique mixture and convergence of well known races. Our blood is an intricate blend of the Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Malayan heritage. What makes us a unique race lies within our very veins. But do we really know the present-day Juan? The Juan who seldom uses his native language already and the Juan who has been in the call center business for quite some time?

It is perhaps decorous for us to at least ponder and fathom what really a Filipino is in this highly innovative world. Even if the present day Filipina is lavished with a Dior suit, a Chanel bag, a Clinique lipstick, D&G shoes, we would still end up with the frail, simple and immaculate Maria at the end of the day, laughing out loud in the table while dinner is going on and spending quality time with her family.

The modern day Filipino isn’t exactly dressed in the customary and traditional barong Tagalog and Maria Clara. She/he is exactly the walking closet of the world’s eminent brands and bearer of the luxurious jewelries of present ages. She/he does not possess the native tongue but is a speaker of the English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish and other prime languages on Earth. She/he may be a patron of the fancy restaurants in Ortigas but she is still mother’s no.1 culinary fan. Starbucks might have drawn into her senses already but still a cup of Nescafe shared at home with the rest of the family is the still the best ever brewed coffee.

One can find Juan and Maria almost anywhere in the world. You can find them in the Alps raising the Philippine flag with great pride and honor. One can find them in the Earth’s seas looking over foreign ships.

One can still find them in the hospitals and nursing homes may it be in the West or East. One can travel anywhere in the world and still can get a glimpse of Juan and Maria in every airport that you get to stop by. Indeed, there is a subtle world innovation of Juan and Maria in the whole world. The world might not recognize us this time but maybe the future will.


Let us perhaps delve into the life of a typical Filipino and truly fathom who he really is……

One bright sunny day, as the hens crowed annoyingly complemented with the humming of the birds on the acacia trees, Juan got up in his bed, wiped the oozing saliva out of his mouth and said a little prayer to the Almighty. He then fixed his bed and made sure everything was neat and clean in his room in order to stay away from the Bombo Radyo of his mother early in the morning. The tempting smell of dried fish coupled with the beaten eggs all make up Juan’s breakfast. It took quite some time for him to bath, change his clothes and groom himself. No wonder he got late for his appointment that day (Filipino time..).

At work, he is the typical employee but could eventually get boisterous sometimes and the worst part of him is getting involved in the affairs of others. Lunch would never be complete without rice and a bowl his daily chismis(gossips) from his colleagues. After work, he plunges himself into the battle of getting a ride way back home. Armed with his charm, wits and guts, he ventures out to the LRT and bus stations just to be on time for dinner. Steps away from his house, his son, Juanito, already saw him and thus alarmed the whole household that Papa is coming. Juanita, his daughter then prepares her Papa’s slippers on the front porch. Juan comes inside looking so badly beaten up by work and probably by traffic. Juanito and Juanita then greeted their Papa with “mano po, pa”. Maria, his beloved wife also welcomes him with her torrid kiss. Together, the whole family shared dinner. A platter of the day’s stories, a bowl of laughters and a tray of love. For dessert was telenovelas a la mode which made the evening much more pleasurable. Together, the whole family teased the shows and exchange criticisms regarding the artists’ figure, fashion and acting.

Before they retire for the day, Juan and his family kneel down silently and together offer thanksgiving and praises to the Divinity.

The story of Juan conceivably outlines to us who a Filipino really is. At the end of the day, it is not the clothes that we wear, the language that we speak and the food that we take in. It is indeed the values that we keep and the love of one’s family that will truly make us a true blue Filipino.


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