7 Helpful Tips in Choosing a Self Storage Unit

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Self Storage Units, Uncategorized
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Self storage units offer business and personal users a convenient storage solution that they can control themselves. Self storage allows people to rent a certain storage space where they can keep both their goods, things and belongings in special facilities. Here are handy tips that will help you find the right self storage unit.

• Pricing. This is perhaps the most crucial of all deciding factors when choosing a unit. Check several storage facilities in your area and find out the prize of the unit that would suit you best. Make sure you ask for their additional charges such as rental deposits, key deposits and etc. These extra fees may vary from one company to another.

• Location. This is probably among the most important factors that you need to consider when selecting a storage facility. If you are planning to put things that you use frequently, then you might choose something closer to your home. If you are storing stuff long term, then a storage facility that is 20-30 minutes away can be an option.

• Unit location. Storage facilities have many occupants. Find out where your unit will be. If it’s located upstairs and there is no elevator, then it will be hard for you to get your things in and out of the unit.

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• Size. Self storage units come in various sizes so make sure you know how much space you need. Rent a space that is sufficient for all your items and belongings.

• Climate control. There are facilities that have climate control features. If you are planning to store books, clothing and furniture in the storage unit, then it would be better to get a space with climate control features.

• Accessibility. Know when and how you can access the unit. It would be best to be in a facility with business hours that includes weekends and even holidays.

• Security. Find out the security measures that your facility is utilizing in keeping units safe and as well as the occupants as they come and exit the area.

Free your home from clutter and store some of your valuables at self storage units in your locality.


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