Resume Writing: 10 Killer Tips to make it to the Next Level

Posted: April 27, 2011 in career tips
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A resume is considered as the foundation for your job search. It serves as an efficient summary of qualifications written that will help market your skills and vociferously proclaim that you have what it takes to succeed among other applicants. Here are 10 resume writing tips that will get your document read by the top employers.

1. Decide what type to use. If you think you have long gaps in your employment, then you can opt for a functional resume which emphasizes your job skills over your work history. Job seekers who have a gap free work history may choose to do the reverse chronological resume format.

2. Follow the 5-part structure. A resume generally includes an objective, contact info, skills, work history and educational background.

3. Create an effective objective. Your objective should be made from a standpoint of your skills, abilities and accomplishments. It should be targeted rather than a string of meaningless clichés.

4. Focus on style, tone and layout. Your tone should consistently sell you. Choose a layout that can be easily scanned and provide all the necessary info that your employers will be looking for.

5. Review your job skills. This will include all skills that are relevant to the position that you are applying for.

6. Utilize plenty of action verbs. These words make your summary of qualifications wow employers with your job accomplishments. Use verbs like managed, directed, presented, led, developed and advised.

7. Keep the length of your resume to a single page as much as possible. But make sure you don’t sacrifice the readability of the document for the length.

8. Effectively market your skills. Make sure your resume highlights all the relevant industry skills that you have. Maintain objectivity and don’t go overboard with sales pitches.

9. Use the targeted resume. A targeted summary of qualifications is written in such a way that it is tailored to every position to which a candidate applies.

10. Don’t forget your cover letter. This document personalizes your summary of job qualifications and highlights your skills and other career accomplishments.

There are many resume writing services you can find in the Internet today. An updated resume will not only impress potential employers but will also increase your chances of getting that job offer.


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