Choosing a Toll Free Number for your Business

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Growing your Business
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If a certain company offers its potential clients and customers the option of toll free calling, then it should expect a large volume of calls coming into the business for it to flourish and grow like never before. These toll free numbers (telephone numbers beginning with 1-877, 1-800, 1-888 and etc.) are awesome ways for you to connect with your company’s target market. Having a virtual 800 number enables its owner to choose specific numbers or perhaps corresponding letter that relate to his business and draw in many clients as possible who are searching for a field of expertise. It can be 1-800-PIZZA-ST or a 1-888-COMP-NAME.

How to get an 800 number?

Reliable and reputable telecommunication companies like Verizon, AT&T, and WorldCom offer toll free numbers for individuals and all kinds of businesses. These vanity numbers are provided through such companies, a RespOrg or other toll free service providers. They usually go through a huge data bank of possible numbers open to customers. If you are careful and keen enough, it will be pretty easy for you to find a number that best relates to your firm.

Get a Toll Free Number Today!

Things you need To Consider when Choosing a Toll Free Number

Before going with a specific service, find out if they provide a PBX phone system support. You would want to know the exact number of calls that you receive at a given time. Make sure you get other features like call forwarding, fax-to-email, fax, auto attendant and voice mail. You have to know that a toll free number receives incoming calls just like a conventional ring to number can support.

A toll free number should allow potential customers a reasonable and simple spelling that isn’t hard to memorize. Overly elaborate and intricate words will only confuse consumers and decrease your callers. Don’t forget to include your toll free number when printing business cards, fliers and posting online ads.

A quality 800 number is a great way of showcasing your business to the public, feeding off the ‘word of mouth’ phenomenon.


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