Protect Virtual Data with Online Backup Services

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Growing your Business
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Online backup is perhaps one of the biggest trends in data storage these days. Clearly, people are looking for cost effective ways to protect valuable documents, music, photos and video files online. And since online backup services securely store your important files away from your premises at off site server locations, the data remains intact and available even if your local disks gets burned or stolen.

Pricing Changes

The online backup industry continues to evolve through time. The biggest online backup service provider, Mozy, recently announced that it will no longer feature unlimited storage plans due to the excessive storage demands by a small fraction of users. Carbonite still offers the same unlimited plans for $54.95 annually. But ‘unlimited’ is not precisely infinite. These plans often limit the amount of storage covered on your PC’s hard disk and it also decreases transfer speed if you go beyond 200GB. 

Mobile Access

Pricing isn’t the only aspect that is changing either. More and more online backup service providers are featuring mobile apps for devices like iPads, iPhones and Android. SOS Online backup offers online backed up files and also the ability to send links and file downloads to your contacts. iDrive also offers an iPhone app that enables users to back up their phone’s photos and contacts for free. On the other hand, KineticD also has its own remote control capability to iPhone and other web versions.

Folder Sync

Another service offered together with online backup is folder syncing. Among the companies that offer the service are Nomadesk and MiMedia. The application lets users designate folders on multiple systems and can be automatically updated whenever you need to change or add a file in it. But the most awesome twist in online backup comes from CrashPhan that lets users specify a friend’s PC as the backup target, saving you money from purchasing server storage.

Whether you are searching for whizz bang features or maybe just want a safe place for important files and media, an online backup service is something that will always come in handy.


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