10 Pitfalls to Avoid when Writing a Business Plan

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Growing your Business
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As you draft a business plan, it is easy to commit mistakes or leave out crucial elements. Here are some of the most popular business planning pitfalls and ways to avoid them.

  • Create your vision. It can be tempting to simply plunge right into the business- evaluate products, study market segments, and size up the competition. Before you even get tied up with the details, make sure you have already outlined a vision and developed a set of values for your company. Develop a company mission statement that will define your short term goals and business priorities.
  • A budget is not the same as a plan. You cannot make a solid business plan without a budget and financial forecast. If you don’t have a vivid picture of the industry, your customers, competitors and market conditions before developing a business plan, then your numbers will not likely reflect reality. 
  • Never ignore your customers. Take the time to listen and learn more about your customers and build a plan that will revolve around their needs.
  • Do not shortchange the competition. If you fail to take your competition seriously, then you are in trouble. Competitors are great sources of information on what works and what doesn’t.
  • Prepare to take the risks. Making a business plan isn’t all about avoiding risk but rather, understanding and managing them. A good plan anticipates challenges and includes scenarios for solving those challenges.
  • Get a second and third opinion. Even the most experienced entrepreneur can benefit from the experience of others. Find a colleague who can objectively look at your plan and determine possible weak points that you may have missed.
  • Expect the unexpected. Every plan needs some extra room to accommodate unexpected changes. Part of this involves creating flexible marketing plans and the possibility of abandoning past business practices.
  • Always remember the things that make your business unique. A textile-manufacturing business plan can help you get started but it won’t make you succeed. Learn from the competition’s strength and improve their weaknesses in your business plan.
  • What is the point? Building a business usually involves struggles and hard work. It should also include a set of rewards for you and your employees. When setting goals, don’t forget to include concrete motivation that goes beyond the satisfaction of a ‘job well executed’!
  • Do not skip the plan! A good business plan is still the best way to transform your vision into a realistic and coherent business.

If you are having a hard time drafting a plan, you can always seek the help of professional business plan writing services. Professional writing services can help you correct grammatical errors and as well as organize your business plan ideas.

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