Easy Tips when Writing a Personal Statement

Posted: May 17, 2011 in career tips

A personal statement, also called a statement of purpose, is a section in the graduate school application where students are given the opportunity to highlight their strengths and areas of interest. It is crucial that you include a detailed history of your professional and personal experiences that influenced you to apply in the graduate school. A good essay is something that portrays unique, specific and significant experiences that are related to the applicant’s area of interest as well as demonstrates the knowledge in a certain area of expertise.

The Start and End of a Personal Statement

Just like any essay, a catching opening sentence should capture a reader’s attention and keep them wanting to read for more. The conclusion should restate the main thought of the essay and conclude it on a positive note. A good opening can be an interesting related to a professional or personal experience, an attention grabbing fact about your interests or a simple sentence that talks about the program you are applying for and why. The opening and closing statements should establish a balanced and positive tone for the personal statement. There are sample personal statements available in the internet these days for your reference.

Sample Personal Statements

Things to include in a Graduate School Essay

A personal statement is a crucial part of the graduate school application because it is the only section where a certain applicant is given the opportunity to directly speak to the admissions committee. Readers are looking at essays to find information about the applicant’s research focus and evidence of current research that is in line with the institution’s interest. They are also expecting to see if the applicant’s goals are in line with that of their program or field of study.

Proofreading a Personal Statement

It is crucial that you proofread thoroughly and check for grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage, length and its overall readability. The essay’s main idea should be broken down into paragraphs. Use clear and descriptive words. Try to make the tone positive and confident. At least two or three people should proofread your statement before even thinking about submitting it.

A statement of purpose is a vital part of the graduate school application. It is crucial for applicants to clearly state their professional/personal intentions, maintain a professional tone and proofread the essay for errors.

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