Staging your Home for a Sale

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Real Estate Tips, Uncategorized

Purchasing a home can be a very stressful experience for many. To narrow down their choices, most people today resort to free homeowner listings, open houses, online listings to explore more options. One of the initial details that a potential buyer would notice is probably the overall appearance of your home. Is it unkempt? Cluttered or in need of a repair service? For you to attract more potential home buyers, you need to give them a lasting good impression. And this can be done through ‘staging your home’.

Easy Tips on Staging your Home

  • Remove clutter. Seeing clutter will make a bad impression on a buyer’s opinion about your home. Sift through some of your clutter and determine which ones can be kept and put into trash. Place all the things to be kept in a storage facility or boxes. This will not only minimize clutter but also make moving way easier.
  • Accessorize on your living areas. Try to add decorative vases with fresh flowers on your dining table or a nice lamp centerpiece in the living room. Although they have little effect on house layout, these accessories will help potential home buyers see the room in a more memorable and pleasant way.
  • Home Staging Tips

    Update your window treatments. Depending on your finances, you can purchase new drapery and curtains to freshen up your windows. The patterns and colors you choose may brighten or darken the room, so better choose wisely. A dark window treatment will make a certain room appear smaller while bright treatments can enlarge a room’s look.

  • Tidy up your perimeter. Even if you don’t possess a green thumb, a clean outside appearance gives you that ‘curb appeal’. If the leaves are slowly piling up, rake and then remove them. If it has just snowed, try to shovel. During spring time, try to buy pre planted pots of annuals and then position them on the doorway. A clean, beautiful and welcoming appearance lets potential buyers feels more homey and gives a positive impression towards your property right from the beginning.

Leaving a Positive Impression

Aside from a home’s physical appearance, buyers will also remember a homeowner’s hospitality. If a potential home buyer is welcomed positively and engaged in a friendly and light conversation, it is more likely that these people will associate the house with positive feelings. Here are easy ways for you to achieve a lasting positive impression.

  • Prepare homemade cookies for the open house. Even if they don’t eat any, the smell would likely remind them of their precious childhood memories.
  • Offer buyers refreshments. Hospitality always plays a crucial role in how your home is perceived.
  • Home buyers will come at odd hours. If they want a tour at 6am, make sure you greet them with donuts and juice. Be flexible with your daily schedule.

Regardless of your residential property’s age and issues, home buyers would still like to see a house that brings about feelings of happiness and comfort.


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