3 Tips to Increase your Sales on Backpage

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Growing your Business, Real Estate Tips

Backpage is a community based site that offers free classified listings where people can post and respond for no cost at all. Here are easy tips to help savvy marketers take advantage of this valuable resource.

Keep the headline and the body of your classified ad vague. 

The best ads really do not sell. If you are trying to sell a product or promote a service in the headline or body, then you are making a huge mistake. A good classified ad is something that will catch the people’s attention and create a good amount of curiosity that will drive them to your page. The main goal of your ad should be to have users follow your link back to your home page or capture page.

Include images on your classified ad.

Studies have shown that ads with pictures tend to have a higher click rate than those who don’t have. Hyperlink these images so that they will be immediately drawn into your landing page.

Brand yourself.

Placing efficient ads on Backpage can result to increased traffic on your website or capture page. But if your capture page is a company replicated site, your income results may be average at best. Why should people purchase from you if they can easily find thousands of sites that are just like yours? Your landing page should be about what your company is all about and how you can help customers.

Backpage also offers premium accounts for posting into multiple cities and other paid features. Get a Backpage promo code today and get awesome discounts on your premium account subscription.


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