Carbonite Onine Backup: A Review

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Growing your Business

If your computer fails, all your important files are gone- and this is where online backup services come in handy. Online backup solutions are easy ways for you to ensure that your crucial data is safe.


Carbonite installs a certain program in your PC that works in the background and searches for files that need to be backed up. It then uploads these files into their servers. The company offers free trial and the Carbonite offer code to interested private individuals and firms.

The Initial Setup

The initial set up starts with downloading the desktop program. After installing the program, there are two settings that would appear namely manual & custom backup. The automatic setup automatically backs up images, documents and etc with the exception of videos and huge files.

The Initial Backup

The initial backup may take days depending on the data received. The Achilles heel of backup services is the upload speed. After the initial backup, updated data need to be uploaded.

Restoring Files

There are three ways for you to restore files through its product features namely:

  • Search files to restore
  • Browse online backup drive
  • Restore all my files

Carbonite also offers options for you to pause or stop backup, make backup a low priority or disable the program.


Carbonite is a viable backup solution mostly for home users. It is very easy to install and needs minimal configuration. As an online based service, it does have some drawbacks. The initial backup may take awhile and is limited by Internet speed. But overall, the service performs just as it is advertised.


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