The Cost of Renting a Storage Unit

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Self Storage Units

Renting a storage unit is a relatively costly venture. It is a great method for storing things that people have no immediate use but people don’t want to get rid of. The media cost for a storage unit depends on several factors and whether you want the space to be climate controlled. There are storage companies which give discounts on their unit rentals for new consumers.

How much does leasing a Storage Unit Cost?

Storage unit rental firms usually charge their customers every month. A 5×5 storage unit may cost around $40 to $50 each month. On the other hand, 10×15 storage units may cost anywhere from $70 to $150 every month. The monthly cost for a 10×20 foot unit is around $90 and $150, while a 20×20 unit may cost more than $200 each month. 

POD Storage

These storage units are a mobile type. POD units or portable on demand units can be delivered and then picked up from a location by request. They are popular and convenient but may not be that cheap. For an 8x8x12 foot POD, customers should expect to pay around $250 per month. You can always look for Pods promotional code and save money on your storage rental.

Additional Storage Cost

Aside from the monthly rentals, there are costs that are associated with storage units. Many consumers want to lock up their storage space while they are out of town. A decent lock may cost more than $20. There are storage facilities that require a deposit and others also strictly impose late payment fees.


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