A Seller’s Basic Guide to Craigslist

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Growing your Business, Random thoughts/blogs

Craigslist is one of the most popular free classified sites in the world today. It is an awesome place to find great deals in your community. It is also widely used as an outstanding tool for things that you no longer need; effectively earning you some cash while helping you declutter your closets.

Posting your Item

  • Prepare your item for the sale. If you are selling an old mobile phone, get rid of all personal information and contacts stored in it. If you are selling car, give it a good and through cleaning.
  • Search similar postings. Check for similar postings in your neighborhood for you to get a good idea of the market and details that you should include the post. You may also check the items on eBay for posting and pricing ideas. You can choose to lower down your prices so they get sold fast or price it more competitively.
  • Make sure you have good images. Try to set up your picture in natural light so you get nice and crisp photos even without the flash.
  • Provide detailed information on the item. Include the necessary details of the product that you are selling. Include features and other specifications especially for digital gadgets.
  • Publish your listing. As soon as you have written your ad and placed it in the appropriate category, Craiglist will send an email that will officially publish your post. Just follow the link and hit the ‘publish’ button.

Handling the Sale

  • Maximize communication. Almost all of your communication will go through email but you can also post a mobile phone number (which isn’t recommended). Be prepared for an onslaught of emails especially if you have a hot item.
  • Try to stick with cash. There are plenty of scammers on Craigs, so accept nothing but cold cash. Deal locally, meet them in person and stick with cash.

The After Sale or Lack Thereof

  • Remove the ad as soon as it gets sold. Save yourself and other people the hassle by removing a listing as soon as the item gets sold.
  • Consider a give it away or a trade. If you have tried selling an item for over a month now, made several postings but still no luck, then it may be time to give up the dream and give this item for free. Craigslist also has an active ‘Free Stuff’ section where people freely give away their things.

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