Freelance CAD Jobs

Posted: June 13, 2011 in career tips

Freelance CAD jobs are among the most fascinating and technical of all kinds of freelance work. The industry has boomed in the employment market and freelance CAD professionals are pretty much in demand. There are plenty of freelance CAD designers who prefer to remain freelance as it gives them enough time for creative work.

Kinds of CAD Jobs

  • Design. Creative work includes graphic design, architecture and other forms of engineering and industrial applications. These jobs are important for people who wish to create a portfolio in design because the work tends to be flexible. You can build a good portfolio across a wide range of subjects which is useful for getting more work and it also broadens your job options. 
  • Technical. This is considered as the mainstream area of CAD applications. The field includes plans and specifications based on CAD design in every aspect of architecture, hardware, consumer & industrial manufacturing and etc. This kind of work is perfect for professionals who wish to progress to big contracts or for those who want to specialize in particular areas of the CAD work.
  • Project. This kind of CAD job can be a hybrid of technical work and design, and is a common form of advertised contract or job. These job are usually for experienced ‘all rounders’ and for those who provide excellent CAD jobs. A big advantage of project work is that the employer sources the CAD work only from one party which is more effective.

The Work Environment

Freelance CAD jobs are contract work unless you can get an ongoing role as the outsource for this service through employers. Most freelance CAD professionals have their own specializations.




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