Wix: Flash Website Builder for Free!

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Growing your Business, Online Marketing

Founded in the year 2006, Wix is an online Flash website builder that allows users to create nice looking sites even without the HTML coding knowledge. The Wix software is offered for free and you can create a site under the Wix URL or choose to have your own domain name which will cost about $4.95/month.

Save Time & Energy. With Wix software, you can now create great flash websites in no time. Wix offers a user friendly feature which makes it very popular among many. You can now create sites in a short duration of time without sacrificing quality.

Take control of your website. With the Wix application, you can also take full control of site maintenance. As soon as you have created your very own Wix flash site, you are free to edit it anytime. Nothing will beat the opportunity to completely control with site even when you are using another platform.

Be creative and have your site featured. Wix also gives its users the chance to get featured. Your site can serve as an online portfolio- this is especially helpful for freelance web designers who are always looking for projects to work on. Wix lets you create a personal profile that will feature all the works you have done. This is also made available for public viewing so you get the chance to feature your web design skills to potential employers.

Get support. Wix also features a support system for those who don’t have background in web design. This makes it easy for people who have no experience at all with web designing.

There are plenty of Wix reviews out there that can help you choose the best flash website builder in the market today.


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