Web Hosting: 5 Factors to Consider before Hiring a Web Hosting Provider

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Growing your Business, Online Marketing
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Finding the right web hosting provider can make or break your business. Migrating a site to another hosting company can be a nightmare but can be avoided by wise hosting selection. Some of the criteria that you should look into include disk storage, monthly bandwidth, user feedback and so much more.

Dedicated and Shared Web Hosting Plans

Shared hosting plans are the most common type of web hosting. It means that many sites share one server and thus, also comes at a more affordable cost. Dedicated hosting means that only one site for one server. A large site with plenty of traffic may not work well with shared hosting.

Things you need to Consider when Choosing A Website Hosting Provider 

  1. User feedback. User feedback is a subjective measure but if a certain search on the net reveals of constant downtime, unsatisfactory support, and etc., then it would be wise to stay away from this company no matter how lucrative the offer is.
  2. Bandwidth. This is related to the total amount of traffic that a site can have. There are plenty of web hosting companies these days that offer 20 to 30GB or more every month, so there are plenty of good offers out there.
  3. Disk storage. Just like bandwidth, more and more providers are offering bigger disk offers. A 10GB disk space isn’t rare unless a website has plenty of videos, files and etc.
  4. Pricing. Web hosting prices are now falling because of their competition in the market. There are cheap hosting sites that offer good deals at $2 to $5 each month.
  5. Added services. It is already customary for many web hosting companies to offer several services for free. It may include free email service for domains, SEO promotions & tools, free scripts and applications and so much more.

These are just some of the basic criteria that you need to look for in hosting providers. Oftentimes, clients usually have various special requirements, but in general, these pointers are good enough for you to choose the reputable companies from the bad ones.


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