Press Release: An Efficient Publicity Tool for Company Branding

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Growing your Business, Online Marketing
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A good way to build your brand is through press release submissions. A press release is a form of written material that announces news-type events. Radio stations, television networks, newspapers, magazines and online resources will publish the announcement if it peaks interest.

People are interested in news and are always looking for good stories. Business owners may use press releases to give people good stories and at the same time, make a name for their brand. Perhaps the best way to do that is to release a story that isn’t just an advertisement for your business.

Press Release Benefits to Businesses

Press releases are perhaps the most popular means of making a publicity offline and online. Some of its benefits include:

  • More site traffic. When a press release gets published on a media outlet, it will have your company site link provided within it. It would be easy for viewers to get more information by clicking on the link that leads to your site.
  • Build your brand. A press release is a great way for your company to get your brand name into the minds of the people who have read the press release. The more a user sees your company name being mentioned, the more they will remember it.
  • Affordable way to get publicity. Getting effective press release content will probably cost you money. Submitting them will perhaps cost you a little too. But think about the returns that you will have for it in the future. It is a good investment when planning long term goals for your business.
  • Gain reputation and credibility. Press releases can also give your business more credibility. Consumers will see you as an expert in the industry and that you are the person to go when they need products/services that you offer.

What to Write in a Press Release

You don’t have to wait for something newsworthy to happen in your business. Here are some stories that can be turned into news stories for your press releases.

  • Fundraising events your company is helping with
  • Special sales and discounts
  • Starting your business
  • Awards that your company has own
  • Contests that your company is planning

Press releases are among the most powerful publicity tools today for business owners. Read on press release reviews to know more about how you can take advantage of this cost effective branding tool.


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