Employment with a government agency provides a good income and job security. The hiring process for federal jobs can be different from other jobs. Adjusting your government resume is the initial step for you to get that federal job that you always wanted.

Gather data. Learn as much information about the job post. Make sure you read the hiring info thoroughly. Pay close attention to the eligibility section of the position. Only a certain fraction of available federal jobs hire outside of those already employed by the government. Get a copy of the position description. As soon as you have the job description, note specific info about the job.

Target your resume to a specific job. Every resume submitted should be tailored to a certain job. Assess job experiences and skills. Rewrite the job description and put more emphasis on the skills needed for the job you are applying for. After searching for the job description, include keywords in your resume. Place more emphasis on duties that are performed often. Spend a good deal of time drafting and reviewing your resume.

Specify job experiences. Each job description entry should include answers to common questions such as:

  • What did you do in your former jobs?
  • How did you do it?
  • What were the outcomes?

Try to describe every job you had in detail, especially for positions that need specialized experience. Even if your experience doesn’t exactly match the job post, this will show similar tasks that can generalize the position. Include awards, honors and other certifications that you have received for job performance in another section.

Include a detailed educational background. Mentioning a degree in certain filed may be enough for a technical job but it would help if you place specific details on a government resume. While it may not be useful to put the entire college transcript on your resume, it will be helpful to note specialized courses and credit hours to illustrate educational qualifications. Do not include non credit courses and continuing education that are irrelevant to the position.

Don’t forget to include important details. A typical resume won’t ask for the amount of personal information which a government resumes requires. Make sure you include your name, citizenship, social security number and etc. at the heading of your resume.

Although federal resumes need a different approach compared to the conventional resumes, a federal employment is indeed worth the effort.

  1. I find it so hard to belive that federal jobs are now only open for 10 days. How can you get it together in 10 days? I find your advice on reading the job announcement so critical. If you’re not nailing it on the announcment, you can’t nail it down in your job history.

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