CAD Job Hunting Tips

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

CAD jobs involve various fields in the industry including manufacturing design, roadway design, engineering design and civil design. Computer aided drafting or CAD is a field of study that enables workers to draft real plans for inventions, buildings and products using software programs like CATIA, CNC, SolidWorks, AutoCAD and Pro/Engineer. These applications allow the realistic representation of a certain project to be visualized. Here are tips to help you jumpstart your CAD career.

Orient yourself with the biggest CAD software firms. Search online job boards and find firms that are currently hiring. Get familiar with the kinds of positions available and in the specializations for these companies.

  • GraphiSoft manufactures ArchiCAD, a premier app for architects.
  • Autodesk is leading 2D, 3D CAD software firm that are best known for the software, AutoCAD.
  • MCAD is a company that specializes in product data management, design validation, 3D modeling and 3D color printing.

Network your way to success. Search and join design conferences and CAD user groups. Look at online forums, read blogs, and find CAD professionals near you. They can update on the latest job openings and industry updates that you need to know.

Take advantage of the web. Search the Internet for free applications and online tutorials. There are companies like MCAD that offers ‘on the ground’ training services in several locations in the country.

Keep up to date. Technology evolves quickly and it is crucial that you educate yourself with the latest software applications and technologies. Employers usually look for professionals who can help their company stay ahead of the competition.

Educate and train. According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, CAD candidates with at least two years post secondary training and education will get the best fat CAD jobs.

Always remember the CAD and design industry growth rate. Civil and architectural drafting is expected to have up to nine percent growth up to the year 2018. As the US population increases and ages, CAD professionals will be needed to help build retirement communities, healthcare facilities and educational facilities.


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