What is a Mountain Manager?

Posted: July 18, 2011 in career tips
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The mountain manager is responsible for the management and operation of a certain mountain ski resort. He can be employed by the state where the resort is located or by the resort owner himself. He or she is also responsible for management and financial planning of the resort and other nearby facilities throughout the entire year. As a mountain manager, you have to make sure that budget is met and there are no significant lapses.

Other duties and responsibilities include ensuring all equipment is appropriately serviced, keeping food operations up and running and overseeing other aspects and activities in the mountain resort. A certain manager needs educational and as well as professional work experiences in hospitality management, finance and business for him to succeed and be excellent in what he does.

Even though a mountain manager can be employed under the state, he or she many not necessarily a government employee and is more likely a private manager of the mountain resort. This kind of job is usually popular in ski resorts and other types of mountain resorts that have similar needs and need this kind of managerial position. The typical duties of a mountain manager will include ensuring the resort’s smooth operation. He or she is also overseeing employee activities to make sure that the resort is successful, customer friendly and profitable.

While all the other employers are typically hired to do mountain jobs such as repair ski lifts, serve food and drinks to guests, and keep the snow slopes look beautiful, a mountain manager is responsible for harmonious and the smooth operations of the resort. Much like other kinds of management principles, different managers have varying styles. A mountain manager should also have good communication and organizational skills. He also needs to have a good advertising background and business management skills as well.

A mountain manager’s scope of responsibilities encompasses a lot of task. And it takes a dedicated mountain manager to ensure that business is running efficiently and profitably.


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