4 Easy Ways on How to Get Rid of Junk At Home

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Home Organization Tips
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Whether it is for a spring cleaning or not, most households make a yearly effort to get rid of their junk at home. The result can be a clutter free house or garage, while for other times; it is more of rearranging and pruning sacred items. It is never easy to remove junk, especially if an item bear a sentimental value or can be useful in the future. Getting rid of clutter and junk can turn out to be a dirty and tedious chore, but rewarding in the end. Here are several ways on how you can get rid of junk at home.

  • A good way to rid junk at home is to recruit family, friends and relatives for a blitz clean-up effort. Volunteers may take on the house, the attic, garage or other storage places. This type of approach will not take prisoners since these people have no sentimental attachment to these things. A central sorting table should be set up for questionable things and the rest can be placed in the trash bin.
  • If there are many usable things in the clutter, a yard sale or garage sale is a brilliant idea. A lot of households get rid of their junk by putting things on garages and yards over the weekend and holding public sale. This may require effort on pricing items, advertising the event and setting up the selling area, but the results are monetary profits and a clutter free home.
  • There are people who get rid of their junk by donating items to charitable organizations. Usable items like furniture, clothing, tools and appliances can be sold at affordable prices for those who need them. Donations to these charities are also tax deductibles. There are charities who can arrange picking up bulk items like furniture and mattresses, which is very convenient on your annual home cleaning.
  • If you think the cleaning project is way beyond the scope of your volunteers and the normal garbage bags, then you can always have a dumpster rental to hold all of your junk.

Browse online junk removal reviews online and choose the best company that will fit your needs. In the last few years, consumers have turned to internet auctions to help them get rid of junk. Make sure you sign up with a licensed firm for this cleaning project.


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