What is Home Health Care?

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Before the popularity of modern medicine, caring for individuals medically at home was common and hospitalization is rare. And today, with an emerging trend towards reduced hospital stays, home care is slowly gaining popularity. The caregivers of the past were usually family members and friends but today, home care is made up of a team of professional health care workers who work for a unified client centered goal.

Home health care involves a wide variety of health care services that are given at home. Home health care services are usually more affordable, more convenient and are just as efficient as the care provided by hospitals or other skilled nursing facilities. The primary goal of home health care services is not geared towards treating injuries and illnesses. Home care aims to get a client get better, regain independence and become self sufficient.

Home health care may include physical therapy, nursing care, occupational therapy, social services, speech language pathology and home health aide. Home care agencies also coordinate the orders given by a patient’s physician. Today, home care is an option for patients who are recovering from a disease, undergoing treatments, disabled clients, chronically ill and terminally ill individuals.

There is nothing like the security and comfort of home when you are sick and recovering from a disease. According to studies, individuals who are living with a disability or chronic disease, living at home is often the choice for physiologic and mental well being. Among the benefits of home health care services include:

  • Provides clients with independence and dignity
  • Postpone or prevent hospital or nursing home care
  • Allows for maximum comfort and freedom for clients
  • Offers personalized care to the needs of the client and their families
  • Helps support families and keeping them together

You can get different kinds of help you want at home. There are health care services that are free or donated. Skilled home health care services are usually paid for. Check out home care reviews before hiring these specialize services.


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