4 Benefits of Using Resume Distribution Services

Posted: August 8, 2011 in career tips
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When you are on a job hunt, success depends on numbers. The more your resume gets distributed into the hands of many potential employers, the greater your chances are for interviews. And with more job interviews on the line, you will likely land on a job soon. But how do you flood the industry with your resume?

You can perhaps spend hours and hours sifting through newspaper classifieds and researching the Internet for such possibilities. Or you can always save yourself from trouble and time by simply employing a resume distribution service. Today, more and more recruiters are using such services to find the best professionals for their job openings. It is also cheaper, easier and less time consuming compared to hunting down individuals themselves. And given an audience made up of hundreds of recruiters, you’ll nail down a job in no time.

How does the service works?

It may seem daunting for beginners but in reality, it is as easy as posting a resume in a job more, but is more effective. Initially, you need to create a profile and post a professionally written resume online. As soon as you have confirmed that the information you have provided is correct and paid a minimal fee (there are sites that charge minimal fees and others are for free), your resume is then distributed to employers who are looking to hire someone from your industry. Users are commonly contacted by the companies themselves to discuss the opening. If you haven’t been getting responses for a time being, there are distribution sites that can help you edit and improve your resume as well.

Benefits of Resume Distribution Services

  • Pick your own plan. Resume distribution sites usually offer many benefits. For a set price, they can give your resume a certain amount of exposure. Choose a package that fits your budget and needs.
  • Location won’t be a problem. Distributing your resume all over the country will help you increase your chances of getting an interview. However, if you are not open to relocating, you can always narrow down your options and stay in your current state.
  • Explore more opportunities. A resume distribution service is more like a convergence point for different industries who are looking for professionals with your skills.
  • Enjoy a direct pipeline. If you just post a resume in a job board, chances are, it is likely floating out there and waiting to be clicked. Distribution services usually send your resume right into the inbox of recruiting personnel.

Your resume itself is the end variable of your job hunting quest. Make sure you pay close attention to the quality of resume that you will be sending to these distribution services.


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