Resume Writing Tips for Executive Professionals

Posted: August 8, 2011 in career tips
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A professionally written curriculum vitae does not guarantee you of an executive position. But a specialized one will definitely increase your chances of getting an interview.

A generic resume will not likely impress most recruitment professionals at the executive level. The most efficient resumes are those drafted through a partnership between candidates and professional resume builder services. Professional writing service is perhaps the best option for those executive professionals, who are looking to advance their careers but candidates need to do some groundwork before choosing a professional service.

Preparing a detailed draft which targets the position is a good strategy to launch a professional resume. Analysis of the job description is also crucial. Attention should also be given to requisites like skills, achievements and specific qualifications. A professionally written resume should also be consistent with the requirements of the desired position to reach face to face interviews with the senior officers. Recording and matching desired skills is imperative and straightforward. Relevance is the ultimate key. Don’t include unnecessary information just for the sake of showing qualifications held.

Highlight Professional Accomplishments, Quantify and Give Examples

Employers are always interested in how job applicants handle complex problems and situations. Strategic thinking, business growth, relationships with staff, shareholders, colleagues, clients and the entire business community are central to an executive role. Pairing responses to the highlighted prerequisites of the executive job description and illustrations of achievements may include examples of the following:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Leadership
  • Self management
  • Conflict management
  • Change & risk management
  • Business analysis
  • Influencing events
  • Identifying opportunities

Be very specific and provide evidence of your accomplishments like product development, escalating profit margins, expansion and successful networking. A vision oriented resume is also a big win in executive resumes. While experience and qualifications are important, solid accomplishments have more value in getting that interview.

As soon as you complete a draft, it would be worthwhile for applicants to seek help from professional resume writing services. Even if you have used resume builder tools, it would still be wise to have the draft edited by an expert. In today’s tough job market, the cost of such services should be considered as an investment in the success of your career.


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