Making your Resume Stand Out: 5 Tips to get you to the Next Level

Posted: August 14, 2011 in career tips
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With more than 12 million people who are unemployed in today’s market, it is crucial for individuals to work harder to ensure that their application stands out from the competition. When crafted efficiently, your resume can be the most valuable marketing tool that you have. After all, its content can make or break your chances of getting an interview. According to a research study, human resource managers only spend a minute or two reviewing new application. And since you only have sixty seconds to impress them, you better make sure you have a resume that best represents your skills and achievements. Here are five tips to help you make a productive and efficient resume. 

Include a career summary at the beginning of your resume. You only have seconds to impress human resource. Don’t let them look for the important things in your resume. Create a career summary on top that will offer managers a quick snapshot of your accomplishments and skills.

Keep your resume updated. No matter how good or bad the job market is, make sure you have a resume and portfolio on hand. Each time you accomplish a significant achievement or when your responsibilities expand, update your resume right away. You will never know when you need to come with an updated resume.

Don’t miss the keywords. Automated tracking systems are increasingly becoming popular to weed out unqualified individuals. Avoid getting your resume in the discard pile by including keywords you have seen in the job posting to your resume. This will increase your chances of showing up into the employer’s ranking of relevant candidates.

Draft a functional resume.
A lot of big industries are experiencing mass layoffs. And with that being said, there are plenty of job seekers who are looking for positions in new professions and industries where they don’t have enough experience. List work experiences by skill instead of making them chronologically appear in your resume.

Include all your relevant work experiences. Whether you are a college graduate or expanding your search to new industries, you may not have all the needed work experience to land the job you want. Include all work experiences in your resume. Leadership roles, volunteer work and community involvement activities are relevant experiences.

Be proactive with the resume you have and leverage tools available to you. Browse on the job map featured by many job boards online. Take advantage of social media sites where you can host your resume and application materials like LinkedIn. Happy job hunting!


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