Resume Writing Services: Is it for you?

Posted: August 14, 2011 in career tips
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Are you having trouble with crafting your resume? Why not seek the help of professional resume writing services to do it for you? Here are easy tips to help you choose the write service provider for the job.

Today, you can hire someone to help you do anything; including helping you land a dream job. Aside from head hunters, career counselors and employment agencies, there are professional resume writing services available to most job seekers. These organizations are made up of resume writers, trained in career development and human resource, to translate a person’s skills and work experience to a professional, efficient and polished resume.

Explore the Benefits

Professional resume writing services are useful for individuals who want to shift industries, have gaps in work histories and for those who are unsure of what employers are searching for. Keep in mind that they cannot make work experience and skills that don’t exist. They can however, identify transferrable skills and then present them in the best light. Resume writers can also incorporate keywords and key phrases that most employers are looking for and ensure that your format keeps up with the latest trends. Most importantly, these service providers ensure that your resume is error free. A lot of resume writing guides say that typos is one of the most popular mistakes people make when writing resumes, so this is a guarantee alone worth its price.

What to Look for?

Job seekers who wish to take advantage of resume writing services should spend time looking for the best provider that suits their needs. There are services that provide a full range of options like cover letter writing, personality/aptitude testing, career counseling and so much more. Costs usually depend on the type of service used but in general they can range from $20 to $1,000.

Personal in depth attention is a determinant of a good service. The service should implement a comprehensive interview with the job seeker to understand his/her career goals, previous work experiences and skill sets. They can also request documents such as certificates, diplomas, and etc. If a resume writer only asks you for past copies of your CV, then it would be best to keep looking.

Get Help and Get Hired

Writing an efficient is more like an acquired skill that not everyone has the time, ability or desire to practice. Just as those without gardening skills would hire a gardener, those with little resume writing skills can also hire resume writing services. With a good resume and the optimistic attitude, it won’t be long until you land a good job!


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