Self Storage Guide for Business Owners

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Self Storage Units

A cluttered and cramped workspace can make it hard for you to find what you need, focus on more important thing and will distract you from concentrating on your business. Excess samples, paperwork, supplies and inventory pile up easily n small spaces making it harder for you to organize things. You may have thought about renting extra commercial space or squeeze in more room inside your home office, but was restricted by cost and the loss of time to construction and planning. For busy business individuals and owners, a self storage could be an efficient and cost effective solution.

Business owners rent self storage units for short term and long term solutions.

  • During downsizing, remodeling or redecorating the office
  • When relocating the business
  • Storage of furnishings such as outdoor kiosks, grills, and patio furniture
  • For the storage of excess inventory before the holidays

A storage unit may also function as an extra office. Here are tips to help you get the most out of this investment.

List all the items that you are planning to store in your unit and keep an updated inventory.

This list will help you determine the right amount of space that you will need. With proper organization and packing, you will be able to fit more stuff in the unit. It would be easy for you to forget the things that you have added and taken out of the space, especially if some of your employees also have access to the unit. Keep a running inventory on your laptop, PDA or site to keep track on items whether you are inside our away from the office.

Consider adding climate control features.

Climate control helps maintain a steady temperature of 55 to 80 degrees using air-conditioning and heating. Maintain a steady temperature inside the unit to avoid rust, mold, warping, and vermin infestation.

Efficient packing is the key.

Although self storage devices are made to protect belongings from elements, you should also do your part in protecting the items that you are about to store. Computers should be placed in a box and securely packed with foam insulation or packing peanuts. Documents, paperwork and photos should be packed in smaller boxes so you can easily stack them inside the unit. Office furniture may be turned vertically.


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