5 RV Storage Tips to Love

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Self Storage Units
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For a lot of travelers, RVs are handy equipment all year round. But for individuals who live in the colder climates, RVs need to be rig ready for storage in the winter. Here are easy tips to help you prepare for seasonal RV storage.

Schedule and plan for kind of RV storage. There are various options for you to stow your RV you can rent a storage unit, park the vehicle on a field or private residence, or create a space within a barn or garage. If you are planning to park in a residential neighborhood, check local rules to ensure that your RV fits standards for allowed size and duration.

Empty out items and sewage. Before even taking your RV to the storage unit, make sure you empty out its holding tanks appropriately. Use designated RV dump stations. Besides clearing out the rig, indoor space should also be inspected. Bedding, towels, food, and other essentials should be brought back home while the RV is in storage. Pack them in an organized way until the next season.

Clean the rig and set traps. No one wants to head for new season trip with an infested and dirty RV. Make sure you clean the kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom, and etc. Air out all the mattresses.  Sweep out dirt and debris. Don’t forget to set mouse traps and ant traps.

Do end of season repairs. Just like any vehicle that will be sitting for certain duration of time, it is vital that you fix any minor or major problem that could be worsened by the cold weather. Motorhomes need additional inspection because of engine wear. Removing the RV’s battery may help extend its life. Folding campers, fifth wheels, and travel trailers need regular inspections of its tires, gas lines and air conditioning unit.

Continue the rig maintenance. It is crucial that you monitor your rig’s condition even during off season or storage period. Check the status of the engine and tires to ensure a smooth start when it’s time to get it back on the road.




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