Self Storage Tips: 4 Steps on How to Pack Efficiently for Self Storage

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Self Storage Units
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Digging through self storage units once or twice a year shouldn’t be a huge stressor as long as you have organized them properly. To get the most out of your self storage unit, it would be wise to plan ahead even before you begin to load in the truck. Here are easy steps to help you pack efficiently and conveniently for self storage.

Plan the things that you want to store.

You can begin by identifying the things that you want packed in the boxes and stacked. Boxes and items that you think you will need frequently should be placed in front. Group boxes by their weight or fragility. Place heavier items at the bottom and stack fragile things on top.

Find the right self storage unit size.

No one wants to pay for storage that they don’t need. But a little extra space can help you easily move around the unit and gives you additional room for unplanned items in the future. You can ask the storage facility for any self storage software that will help you determine the space you need.

Pack and organize items with a plan in mind.

Packing and organizing items needs focus and time. Rest assured, you will end up easily unloading things and organizing them inside the unit.

  • Use boxes instead of plastic bags. They are sturdier and can be stack well into the unit.
  • Invest in high quality boxes and packing materials. Specialty boxes may be needed for videotapes, TV sets and pictures.
  • Bubble wraps are more efficient in wrapping breakables, are cleaner and more transparent, allowing for easy identification of things.
  • Box up as much as you can. Things that are left unboxed in a storage facility will get dusty.
  • Distribute weight in each box evenly.
  • Wrap breakables and fragile things separately like glasses, ornaments, dishes and etc. Pack fragile things tightly and fill any gaps with fillers or papers.
  • Label the boxes clearly to help you identify contents.

Unpack and arrange all times efficiently.

Before loading up the truck with your packed items, make sure you ask the facility manager to allow space for the vehicle to maneuver in the unit. Arrange all furniture, boxes, equipment and other stuffs efficiently inside the storage unit. Consider having self storage software that will help you take an inventory of all valuable items. This will also help lighten up your load during insurance claims when there is unforeseen loss or damages.

  1. hillsstorage says:

    Its an awesome tip; i’ll keep in mind before hiring a self storage company..!!

  2. Thanks for the update. I really appreciate the efforts you have made for this blog.

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