Things to Keep and Not to Keep in a Self Storage Unit

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Self Storage Units
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A self storage unit is a great way for you to store extra things or furniture from your office or home. A storage unit can be thought of as another garage or supply room. Whether you are planning to rent a storage unit for business or personal uses, it would be important to know a facility’s restrictions and the things that they can store inside their premises. The lease will also indicate the things that can be stored in the unit. Any material or item that is considered as ‘inherently dangerous’ is usually not allowed.

Draft an initial inventory of all the items that you need to store. When you are ready to get a self storage quote from the facility manager, bring the list and review it with him. If you aren’t sure which items are not allowed, you can call them in advance and ask them to email you with a list.

Flammable, Combustible, Toxic and Hazardous Materials

All these items belong to the ‘inherently dangerous’ category. These materials can include kerosene, propane tanks, compressed gas, gasoline, corrosives, paint, fertilizers, narcotics, and etc. Most facilities do not allow asbestos and asbestos-containing items. Weapon, ammunition, fireworks and explosives cannot be stored as well.

Vehicles and Tires

Insured and registered vehicles can be stored in most self storage units. Most facilities only allow a maximum of four tires in the unit because of their disposal cost.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Supplies

For sales representatives, a self storage unit is a great place to store and manage pharmaceutical samples and medical supplies. While most medical supplies are readily accepted, radioactive equipment and medications aren’t allowed.

Construction Items

Most construction materials can be stored in a storage unit except for heavy equipment such as underwater machines and bulldozers. Check with your local facility regarding their rules on such items.

Perishable Goods and other Animal Products

Canned foods are generally allowed in self storage units. Cereal, produce and other perishable items aren’t allowed.

These are some of the items that you can and you can’t keep in your self storage unit. Make sure you consult with your individual storage facility regarding the items that they allow and prohibit.


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