Self Storage: Selecting Boxes and Packing Stuff

Posted: September 18, 2011 in Self Storage Units
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A self storage unit is a great way for you to store extra furniture, files, equipment from your home or office. The manner in which you pack your boxes will depend on how long you intend to leave the items in the unit and whether it has temperature control settings. Rats, mice, and other pest love to get into crevices, crannies, nooks and will ruin your stuff with their nests, feces, urine and chewing. It would be crucial for you to pack your things properly and efficiently to avoid damage and promote longevity. Here are practical packing tips before moving your things to the self storage unit. 

  • Utilize furniture drawers for storing delicate items. Use bubble wraps or newspapers for breakable items.
  • When you are packing small objects and toys, make sure you fill the boxes completely. Stuff any open area with paper to prevent it from collapsing when closely stacked.
  • Don’t store combustible items (chemicals, paints & etc.) and perishable goods inside the self storage unit.
  • When storing garden and lawn equipment, drain fluids before the storage to avoid corrosive damage.
  • Use trash bins for hoes, rakes and shovels.
  • Be sure to use premium locks for your storage unit. Ask the facility manager if they sell locks in their facility too.
  • When storing priceless heirlooms, use special wardrobe boxes and use dehumidifiers to stop mildew build up.
  • Store all furniture on pallets or boards.
  • Cover the mattresses and make sure you store them flat on surfaces.
  • Store smaller things like pans and pots in big appliances such as stoves and refrigerators.
  • Break down things (table legs) and place huge furniture (sofas and tabletops) on end for you to save up on space.
  • Treat and cover wood surfaces even before storing them in the unit.
  • When planning to store business files, make sure you label boxes and create aisles to keep files accessible.
  • Clear boxes, furniture and unit for foods and other perishable items.

Use a self storage directory to help you find the best facility for your goods, furniture and other items. Shop around for the best deals before signing up with a self storage company.


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