Small Business Tips: 5 Reasons why your Business Needs a Vanity Number

Posted: September 18, 2011 in Growing your Business
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Are you thinking about having a toll free number for your business? Learn the benefits of having a toll free line for people to call.

Does your business have its own toll free number? Also known as a vanity number, a toll free number is an indispensable tool for a business, regardless of its size. The advantages of having your own 800 number are endless. Beyond credibility and brand recognition, it also increases sales and overall ROI. Here are five compelling reasons for you to get your own 800 number.

Enhance customer satisfaction. Have you ever tried getting in touch with a business only to find out that you cannot find their telephone number on Google? It is really frustrating and often leaves a sour taste in your mouth about that company.

With a vanity number, you can enhance customer satisfaction by being available for their calls. A toll free number also makes it more convenient and easier for customers to have their questions answered and issues resolved. They are able to call you anytime without an expense.

Easy to recall. Having a company toll free number also makes it easier for customers to remember your digits. A toll free number that spells 1-888-STORAGE is easier to remember than 1-888-786-7243. Customers will likely recall you and leads to even better sales.

Credibility. If you think that toll free numbers are only for big business corporations and business, then perhaps you can think again. Owning a toll free number enhances your company’s credibility and is a great branding tool.

Portability. With a toll free number, your physical location doesn’t matter. Are you relocating your business? Your clients don’t have to know. People can still reach you with your toll free number regardless of your location by forwarding calls to your mobile phone or other contact numbers. And even if you have changed providers, you can still take the same toll free number with you.

Marketing tool. Toll free numbers can also be used in tracking marketing efforts. So maybe you have a print ad, a billboard and a site. How do you know where your callers saw your ad? Toll free numbers can allow extensions that can be associated with specific campaigns.

Find an 800 phone service provider today and take your business to the next level!




  1. Jeanne says:

    The fact remains that vanity numbers are as popular as ever. It cannot be coincidence that vanity numbers are in use by over 40% of all the companies on the Fortune 500 list. I mean would you rather call 1-800 257-1936 or 1-800 NEW HOME, which one do you think your customers would remember? Even small businesses can project a big image with a vanity number. So get a vanity number and watch the phone ring.

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