Choosing the Right Online Backup Services Provider

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Growing your Business

Utilizing an online backup can be viewed of as a necessity for every online business today.  It provides an offsite peace of mind and security knowing that there is someone out there looking after your data 24/7. However, a lot of individuals and businesses are faced with a plethora of providers in the market these days.

Whether you own a small or big company, you need to store backup data in a secure and remote location. Online backup services ensure that your firm’s computers are creating this encrypted offsite copy for storage and safekeeping purposes. Here are some of the features that you need to look into before hiring an online backup provider.

  • Security. This is perhaps the most important requirement that you should look for in a provider. If your client data is not secure, it renders functionalities and features moot. Ensure that your provider has received security certifications such as the SAS 70 and the HIPAA compliance certificate. Make sure your backup provider use the right encryption both in transit and storage. Find providers with the 256 AES and SSL encryption.
  • Restoration. The best providers will offer you various restoration methods namely through a local device, portable media or the Internet. A backup vendor who is able to overnight a hard drive allows businesses to enhance their service levels for customers who need a short recovery time for critical data.
  • Local backup. Local backup allows your non critical information to be stored in a local device while sending sensitive information on the data centers. This hybrid backup solution allows service providers to develop and individualized solution for each of their clients.
  • Other features. Some of the notable features that you should look for in an online backup company include block level backup, a mapped drive support, data protection, SQL and Exchange Support and the capability to perform at initial seed.

A secure backup and reliable restoration system is a crucial part of your online business. Make sure you investigate all your options wisely. Browse over online backup reviews and find the best provider that suits your company needs and budget.


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