RingCentral Review

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Growing your Business
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Founded in San Mateo, California, RingCentral is a type of virtual private branch exchange company that specializes in providing phone systems and solutions for small businesses. The company offers a wide list of features with their RingCentral Office Product which is billed on a flat monthly rate rather than the total number of minutes used. RingCentral is perfect for geographically diverse management teams, mobile professionals or for entrepreneurs who are always not on their offices.

What People Like About RingCentral

  • RingCentral offers unlimited minutes. The company offers a functional small system plan that already includes local & long distance fax and calls within the United States and Canada. Their unlimited plans also include pre configured VoIPs and the basic features of a small business office system. The company also offers a 30 day trial on their plans.
  • Unlimited extensions. The company’s Mobile Prounlimited Plan highlights a rich office system that includes unlimited local calls and long distance calls plus 1,000 minutes for toll free services.
  • Feature rich. The company offers a wide and comprehensive feature list to suit the needs of your business.
  • Free 800 number transfer. Clients who want to transfer their local and 800 numbers will not be charged with any fees.
  • Real time call controller. RingCentral provides an advanced feature which allows enables your desktop to become a call command center where you can answer voice calls, transfer or disconnect and even monitor messages as they are being left.
  • Ring Me Web button. You can now add a ‘Click to Call’ button to your site that will allow your visitors to directly connect with you through their PC.
  • Mobile applications for Android and iPhone. Take your business wherever you may go with the release of their mobile apps.

What People Dislike About RingCentral

  • The 200 message limit. RingCentral presently has 200 fax and voice message storage limit for every extension.
  • Dial by name charge. This is perhaps picky and a not so popularly used feature among professionals with less than six extensions away, however, most consumers would like to reduce the $4.99 per month charge on this one.
  • Single incoming line. If you want more than one line, you have to get their RingCentral Office 4 plan.
  • Customer support. By the year 2008, RingCentral outsourced their customer support and unfortunately, the transition wasn’t that smooth. They struggled over the next years to improve their customer service level on what is expected of them. Today they have Twitter and Facebook pages to help address their customers’ issues.

RingCentral Office and Mobile Plans offer the basic features of a small phone system such as internet fax, voicemail, greetings, toll free numbers, web phone features and so much more. Find out more RingCentral reviews online and see if their services fit your business needs.



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