Carbonite: A Smart Way to Backup your Computer

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Growing your Business
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With almost everything going digital these days, it is indeed convenient to save digital files in your desktop. From music videos, audio files to family photos and important documents, a lot of people find themselves with computers that are fully loaded with irreplaceable and priceless files.

But do you really need to backup files? Is an external hard drive enough? No and no. Having an external hard drive is no longer enough when it comes to securing your files. Most experts would recommend that you get a remote backup service to store all important files and digital documents.

Carbonite is a great way for you to secure your files in a remote online location. As soon as you have installed it in your computer, it becomes a ‘set and forget’ system as it takes care of backing up your files automatically. You may customize and tweak your setting but generally the default settings can already take care of the entire backup process.

Carbonite also offers a free trial without consumers providing their credit card numbers. This trial version is a great way for you to know whether the system works for your needs. For individuals who want a system that updates on its own, the automatic backup features really work wonders.  Although the initial backup process will take you awhile, as soon as you have it installed, the application backups your files whenever your PC is idle.

Carbonite’s remote backup services offers unlimited storage space for your computer, depending also on how much your Internet connection can work with. Its default settings is able to backup documents, emails, spreadsheets, music and presentations but may leave out program files, system files and videos.

The company also offers mobile apps for easy access. There are also mobile apps for Android, Blackberry and iOS devices. The Carbonite is one of the simplest and most cost effective backup services available in the market today. Don’t miss the Carbonite offer code when planning to sign up for the service.


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