What is Remote Online Backup?

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Growing your Business
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Computer use at home and in the office is a norm rather than an exception these days. Having a secondary information source or backup is therefore crucial during unfortunate events such as system-wide failures. And this is where remote online backup system comes into play.

A remote backup system is considered as a repository for a company’s or an individual’s electronic documents, operating systems and crucial files that need to be stored in the event of a server failure or when the hard drive is inoperable for some technical reasons. And because remote backup services caches all valuable information in a password locked environment, more and more firms are slowly counting on providers for online backup services.

The entire process is simple. Small software is usually provided by a certain vendor, together with login information for businesses and individuals to access the remote server. As soon as the software is already installed, the end use is able to select which files and folders to upload into the online remote backup server.  Remote backup speeds usually vary, depending on the users Internet connection and the size of files being copied.

The cost for remote online backup also varies based on several factors. A lot of providers offer backup support pricing based on the amount of space the client needs. There are also other providers who are able to give you discounts based on the duration of the contract. The longer you stay with them, the lower are the rates. Remote backup may not be a major expense but it would still be wise to shop around for the best deals. Go with a provider who has a proven track record and has cost effective monthly or yearly fees.

A remote backup is a great investment for any business. It spares you from the act of copying files into tapes, CDs and other USB disk. There are provides who also offer updates that don’t need to be manually performed. Since data is located off site and can be accessed by employees who have the right login information, it is now easier to access files even while on a business trip. In case of a major disaster in the office, employees are still able to work at home until the headquarters is fully functional again.

A good remote online backup service gives you that peace of mind. Find a credible provider today and begin storing your office files safely.


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