7 Tips in Selecting the Best Data Recovery Software

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Growing your Business

Data recovery is the process of retrieving electronic data that are lost in an event of computer crash or unintended deletion of important business or personal files. In the last few decades, data recovery was usually done by companies who specialized in such task. Today, consumers can now purchase data recovery software that will extract and reconstruct certain kinds of information. Here are easy tips that you need to remember when choosing data recovery software.

  • A good software is easy to install and is able to work in various platforms like Windows, Mac and etc.
  • Data recovery software should be easy to use. Instructions should be displayed clearly and recovery option should be visible.
  • The best software is able to recover deleted files, emails, folders and other type of data such as txt files, mp3, mp4, zip files and etc.
  • If FAT, MBR, or MFT gets corrupted, the application should be able to retrieve data without difficulties.
  • Data recovery software should be able to recover files due to hardware/software malfunction, human error, power interruption, virus attack and other probable reasons.
  • The application should be able to restore finals in the event of operating system corrupting or reformatting.
  • Choose a company with the best technical support.

Cost is also another crucial factor when selecting data recovery software. While there may be relatively affordable programs for home use, most of these apps are limited in scope and may not work well in business settings. Prepare to spend more for you to get the best applications that will successfully retrieve client lists, sales databases, payables/receivables information and other crucial data for your business. Before making that purchase, consider the type of data that you will be most likely dealing with. Choose a product that has the ability to manage the task you want.

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