What is a Web Directory?

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Growing your Business

A web directory is a collection of organized links to help online users conveniently look for resources and information they need from the Internet. With the use of a web directory, users can find several lists of sites on related topics that complement each other. For instance, if you are pursuing a coin collecting hobby, you can use the web directory to find antique shops, coin collectors and so much more.

These web directories are nothing like search engines, although users can search these sites to find something that they are searching for. Rather, these sites are made of up of static collections of web links that are constantly updated to ensure their relevance and usefulness. A lot of search engines run supplemental web directories that users are able to take advantage of. And with search engines using the results of these searches and user feedbacks, the web directory site also gets to strengthen its rank.

Web directories can be assembled in a variety of ways. There are some built by human hand, where editors personally inspect each link in the directory. Directories are usually established in a collaborative manner, with individuals all over the glove updating and editing the directory. Other sites are built automatically with fees for businesses and individuals who want a placement for their site.

Web directories are helpful tools for research and gathering of information, especially for users who discover the reputable ones. It would be best to go with human edited web directories that do not allow sponsored links. Users can improve such directories by registering new links, suggesting categories and rating its usefulness.



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