7 Tips on How to can Market your Home Effectively

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Real Estate Tips

When the real estate market transition from being a seller’s to a buyer’s market, realtors tend to put more money and work into listings. Good marketing strategies may not be able to sell your home, but it will make the phone ring. And if buyers won’t call, you may not be able to sell.

Photograph the front area. A lot of home buyers start their online search so good images are essential. Listings without an exterior photo are often ignored and passed over. Crop out streets and sidewalks. Remove vehicles from the driveway. Clear away any plants blocking the front door.

Exterior photos. If you are selling a condo or a townhome without a yard, try to take photos of the pool, spa, clubhouse or tennis court. If you have a yard, buyers may want to see that too. Emphasize spaces in your images. Remove any evidence of pets inside the home. Pack away toys and other kid stuffs. Mow lawn and trim the bushes before taking pictures.

Interior photos. Take pictures of each room. Open blinds and drapes when shooting. Turn on the lights, remove trash bins, close toilet lids and use floral arrangements in dining rooms and kitchens. Avoid shooting mirrors since they will reflect your image.

Virtual tours. Every home should have a virtual tour even if it is only two spins. Virtual tours aren’t just for million dollar homes anymore. A good virtual tour will capture the attention of buyers. You can add music, sound or exciting descriptions to showcase your virtual tour.

Signage. Signage encourages buyers to call your listing agent. There are some homeowner associations which don’t allow real estate signs. There are also HOAs which only allow window signs.

Free Classifieds. There are hundreds of free online classified sites where you can post your property today. Craigslist is a popular classifieds site that divides its ads into communities, which makes it easier for potential homebuyers. Kijiji, Zillow, and Trulia are popular posting sites as well.

Open houses. Not every house is a suitable for open house because of its location or some other factors. Place open house signs in your neighborhood to direct buyers. Advertise your open house online and in the papers.

These are just some of the most cost effective tips on how you can market your property online. Happy selling!


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