4 Sites for a 10GB Free Online Storage

Posted: November 1, 2011 in Home Organization Tips

In today’s tech savvy world, people rely on the Internet for both school and work. Hard disks are quite unpredictable and are more prone to system failures that could lead to data loss. Research has shown that around 43 percent of users lose valuable data in their computer each year. A great way for you to backup data is to store important information on the cloud. There are cloud storage companies that offer paid subscriptions for unlimited storage or for limited gigabytes of data. Here are four of the best free online storage sites for 10GB of data space or less.

Windows Live SkyDrive

The Windows Skydrive is a popular cloud based solution from Microsoft. This free online storage offers up to 25GB of data space to users. Spare yourself from installation and configuring the desktop client. All you need to do is register to the site with your Live ID and begin dragging and dropping files to the folder. Aside from having password protected folders, you may also create new ones, and share it with colleagues, friends and family members.


iDrive is a premier remote online backup service today. Just like its competitors, iDrive features 2GB free storage for users to get a good grasp of their service. With desktop clients for PC & Mac, iDrive offers a solid platform that features time line restore, true archiving, versioning and so much more.


Humyo offers free online storage for up to 10GB. The storage is split equally between media files and non media files. And because it is a free account, the site doesn’t offer a desktop client. But even without the desktop client, Humyo offers a premier web based file explorer that lets you share, upload, and download files conveniently.


Binfire offers up to 10GB of free online storage from a web interface. And just like the Skydrive, the site lets users create folders and share them to family and friends. The site also lets you send emails from your very own Binfire account.

Each of these free online storage sites have their strengths and weaknesses. Find out which site works best for you.


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