5 Weight Loss Tips while on a Night Shift

Posted: November 16, 2011 in weight loss tips

Night shift employees across many industries are notorious for keeping their pounds off. This is often the result of a several factors such as an interrupted circadian rhythm and sleep deprivation that messes up the body’s hormones and digestion. The temptation of having a ‘late night’ drive though, lack of time and the reduce motivation for exercise only worsens the problem. However, night shift workers can still pursue their weight loss goals despite these obstacles. Here are five weight loss tips to help you stay fit even on a night shift.

Pack your lunch.

When you work during the wee hours of the night, there aren’t many healthy choices when eating out during your lunch break. Your eating choices will be limited to all night diners and fast food joints that are open to serve you at anytime of the day. Help yourself avoid the fast food temptation by cooking and packing your own lunch. This isn’t only a healthy practice; it can save you money as well.

Get moving.

If you love exercising outdoors, it can be pretty tricky to do it on a night shift. You want to wake up while there is still day light. You may also set your gym hours in the morning after your night shift. Although heading out to the gym in the morning is the last thing you would want after a busy night shift, it is probably the best time of the day for you to exercise. You can also do an early morning run or walk with a colleague. Try to squeeze in a workout session in your daily schedule, even if it is performing a workout DVD at home before heading to work.

Get organized to energize.

Organize your daily routine, as well as your weight loss plan. You shouldn’t only plan for your daily meals, but also organize a workout plan for the day. Try to stick with the plan like a crucial business meeting that shouldn’t be rescheduled. It is a very important meeting that will meet your health needs.

Get a friend to join you.

Having a health buff friend or fitness pal can help you stay on track and be motivated. Find out who among your colleagues would be interested in walking or running the road with you. Having a fitness buddy early in the morning or at night is a great practice for safety reasons. Having someone with the same weight loss goals as you do is also a good motivation. Working out is a lot more fun when you have someone who you can talk and giggle with.

Laugh it out.

Always keep an optimistic attitude. There are individuals working on the night shift who are more inclined to getting the blues. This can be due to the lack of sunlight or a solitary work environment. Make extra measures to put you in the mood every day. Having the blues only increases your chances for overeating.

It is entirely possible to stick with your weight loss goals even on a night shift and enjoy at the same time. With a little discipline, motivation and hard work, you are only steps away from attaining your ideal body weight.

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