Best Website Builders

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Growing your Business, Online Marketing

A business website builder is an online program that enables individuals to build a site or a blog. Website builders are fairly easy to use, enabling almost anyone to build attractive and effective websites. Here are the top site builders that you can look into for your next web development project.

Yahoo! Site Solutions. As a premier business website builder, this tool is best for small enterprises and ecommerce sites in particular. It offers maximum storage space, free domain name, free trial period and over thousands of templates. Yahoo! Site Solutions also offers premier customer support.

Homestead. This tool is a user friendly site builder that offers plenty of storage space, a free 1 month trial period, thousands of templates, and a good customer support.

Website Tonite. This particular business website builder provides packages that already includes web design, web hosting and domain name registration. Website Tonite offers reasonably priced solutions and doesn’t require a start up fee. It is also very easy to use and is a good choice for self employed professionals and small businesses.

SiteBuildit. This builder tool is famous for its customizable designs. SiteBuildit also provides a free trial period and money back guarantee. A site built using this tool will benefit from its unlimited pages, easy video conferencing options, huge storage space and a dedicated network. The only disadvantage to this builder is that it will only work with a Windows OS. This business site builder has a proven track record for offering high quality, reliable service. it offers more than a thousand customizable templates, huge storage space, video conferences and free email addresses. easily works well with computers using Windows OS.

Network Solutions. This tool is considered to be more flexible compared to other site builders. They offer tailor made hosting packages to suit every client’s needs. Although hosting and domain registration cost more compared to other providers, they also provide you more features with what you pay for. Network Solutions offers free search engine submissions, Google Adwords credits, Paypal shopping buttons, Mapquest and so much more. Huge companies and builders with multiple sites will benefit a lot from Network Solutions.

Weebly. This exciting web builder is perfect for small business and personal websites. Weebly boasts a user friendly interface, enabling virtually anyone to create a website in minutes. Website hosting and domain registration is also provided for free, making Weebly a popular choice among many website builders.

These are just some of the best site builders available in the industry these days. Find the best business website builder that will suit your needs.


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