Creating a Flash Site with Wix

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Despite of its partially way out reputation, Flash is still a popular technology for many. For aspiring webmasters and site owners, Flash is a sparkling tool that will definitely grab the attention of online users. Designing a flash website requires a lot of expertise and the right tools. Wix offers Flash enthusiasts with a click & point and drag & drop application that will help them build beautiful websites cost effectively. You may have read several Wix reviews in the past, but I have narrowed down this review specifically to the application’s Flash building capabilities. I hope you enjoy!


Wix is a web application that enables you to create functional Flash websites or integrate flash elements into an existing website. The process of making a Flash site has been made simple by Wix for individuals who aren’t really technology savvy. Wix also enables individuals to optimize Flash content for search spiders, which is pretty tough for most flash applications. Wix presents consumers with a user friendly sign up form with only three basic fields.


Wix provides four paid plans, beginning at only $4.95 per month. With the basic plan, Wix runs its ads on the footer and sidebar, aside from a logo that says ‘Powered by Wix’. The only way for you to remove these ads is through an update from plans $9.90 per month of higher. After registering to the site, you are then brought to a page that will let you create a site and modify your account settings. Upon creating a new site, users are presented with two basic choices: using a predesigned template from their list or designing from scratch using a blank template. Wix features a lot of professional looking templates that will make it easy for freelance professionals and small business owners to create their flash websites.

Editing Templates and Widgets

As soon as you have chosen a template, you are then brought to the ‘edit’ page. Make sure you turn off pop up blockers in your browser to be able to proceed. The editor features comprehensive and user friendly tools that will enable editing quick and easy. Users are able to edit, add and delete components at their will. Adding effects to a part on the page is also a blast. Effects can be applied and previewed without any lag. As soon as you are happy with the results, you can click on the lock icon to save the changes that you have made. Aside from creating static Flash pages, you may also add widgets to your website. You can add RSS and Twitter feeds, shopping carts, PayPal buttons, and even comments section with only a single click.


Wix is a brilliantly designed application that deserves a 9/10 rating for the amount of effort that has been placed into it. It would be crucial to remember that the Flash web pages you create with Flash may not be accessible on smartphones and other mobile platforms.

  1. No doubt flash website grabs people’s attention quickly. Peoples love to see things like video and animation. WIX application is allow you to building flash website. You can easily design sparkling site with the help of WIX software. User is capable to do editing and add effect online easily without any travel.

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