Easy Tips in Writing A Superstar Press Release

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Online Marketing

Create news worthy release that will grab reporters’ interest and stay away from people’s recycle bins.

Drafting good blog content is only a part of the entire equation. Promoting your blog to get more traffic is the other half. An easy way for you to ruin a relationship with the media is by releasing a bad press release. Reporters’ inboxes and newsroom fax machines are often flooded with thousands of press releases everyday from government offices, nonprofit organizations, companies and even citizens who want to get their town noticed. If you send them a press release that is filled with grammatical errors, or something irrelevant to a reporter’s coverage, then you might as well toss it to a sewer drain. Here are a few tips on how to write a press release geared towards maximum media exposure.

Craft a compelling headline.

Will you use a dashing headline that turns eyeballs or something stuffed with keywords? Research shows that people read content and not search engines, so while it is crucial to include keywords in your headline, use them only if it makes sense in the context. And just like email subjects invite recipients to open up the message, headlines should attract consumers to read your content.

Draw readers with a lead.

The lead or first sentence in the body should compel viewers to keep on reading. Traditional press release pros will recommend the use of an inverted pyramid, where the initial paragraph answers the 5Ws (who, what, when, where and why). But through time, the use of press releases has evolved, while they were once used to provide news hook to the media for them to share to the audience, they can now directly reach the target audience. The press release is the story and it often completes with a powerful lead.

Use several anchor text links.

Although often overlooked, anchor text links are definitely pivotal. Make sure you hyperlink keywords to pages on your blog site that are optimized for similar keywords. When your press release is being distributed to other sites, your keywords will still be hyperlinked to the content that you are promoting. Make sure that your keyword use makes sense in the flow and structure of your copy.

Don’t forget to include a compelling call to action statement.

Now that you have written a compelling headline and copy to draw readers in, what type of action would you want your audience to take? Invite readers to take action. For most blogs, this could be to visit their blog site, subscribe for an RSS or register for email alerts on new posts.

Come up with a strong press release topic.

When you are thinking of an idea, the key is to think like a press release pro—what’s in your business, life, or blog that can be picked up by the media? Do you have any remarkable or significant story to share? While those are mostly big ticket themes, you can try a tactical approach by publishing a release about your most popular post.

Have you tried press releases in the past to promote your blog? Share us some of your tips.


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