4 Easy Tips in Making your Photo Canvas Artwork Great

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Home Organization Tips

Instead of purchasing the newest Picasso painting that will probably cost you more than just a car in many cases, why not create your very own photo canvas art? A photo canvas is a fantastic combination of modern digital printing and traditional artist canvas art. Photo canvas art are made up of images reproduced in large prints and gallery-wrapped in canvas. For individuals out there who want
to create their own photo canvas art, here are easy tips to help you come up with your very own photo canvas art.

Filter frenzy

Start by taking one picture and then go crazy over filters. There are built in filters in many cameras or you can always edit photos on your computer. Most experts recommend using one filter for every picture. You can position these images side by side in a single frame. Try to find one factor in common that you will be using such as grain, special effects, color or etc.

Stretch and Slim Down

Stretching a picture or contracting an image to fit to a canvas can give the image a whole new look. Don’t just stick with a certain template size. Try to come up with the right size for your corner or wall so that the photo canvas can indeed fit into the space.

Creative license

Even if a certain flower image isn’t centered in a frame, this doesn’t mean that the entire photo is not artistically beautiful. Changing an image’s symmetry, regularity, focal points or balance can enhance the entire package. Start pouring out all your creative juices and experiment on your own. When it comes to creativity, sky is the limit!

Sleek finish

Coat your photo canvas with a special protective finish to prevent from scratching and cracking. A coated canvas features a satin finish and will definitely last you longer. Most photo canvas service providers offer three types of coating options namely satin, gloss and matte. Each coating offers different shine, but they provide equal protection on your print.


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