5 Benefits of Remote Access for Businesses

Posted: December 27, 2011 in Growing your Business

Giving workers and executives the ability to access their work computer from a remote location is an increasing trend these days. Small and big businesses are slowly realizing the many benefits of remote access computing to their organization.

Enhanced Work Satisfaction

It is every employee’s dream to have the chance to work at home. By taking advantage of remote access software, companies can now allow their employees to do part time or full time work at the comfort of their very own homes. Employees often view working from home as a privilege and not necessarily as a right. Companies can use this privilege as an incentive for top performing employees for a job well done. Studies have also shown that an employee’s work satisfaction improved when they were allowed to work remotely. Productivity among employees improved as well. Employees who are working in their homes can easily avoid distractions and tends to get more work done at the same duration of time.

Decreased Costs

Office employees have a wide variety of needs. Aside from their office desktops, they also need a break room, parking spaces, water coolers, electricity, printer papers and so much more. Companies that are allowing their employees to work at home are also reducing their overall overhead costs.

Improved Business Resilience

In times of a bad weather situation or any other public disruption, businesses can take advantage of remote access computing to make sure that business goes on. Even if your employees aren’t able to come in the office, you are assured that they are still able to meet deadlines and closed deals for you.

Easy Access to Information

Perhaps this situation has already happened to most of us—you leave the office on a Friday evening with full intentions of getting work done over the weekend. And on the next morning, you find out that you have the wrong files on your laptop. With remote access, you get easy access to important work emails, files, contacts and other data on your work computer. All you need to is access your PC remotely and make the necessary access through the remote connection.

Ability to Respond Quickly

Servers can crash anytime, beyond our control. You don’t want your clients to have experience a crisis during business hours. It only takes one unfortunate situation for your company to suffer painful ramification. Remote access allows senior managers, CEOs, and marketing staff to respond efficiently and quickly in the face of a situation.

Today, all I need to do is go to my computer, install my remote access software and enjoy the benefits of working at the comfort of my very own home.


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