Choosing the Best Fitness Gym

Posted: December 27, 2011 in health

A lot of people think that joining a fitness club is like a magic bullet that will inspire them to work out. Take a closer look at what each every gym offers so that you can enroll in a facility that will help you develop a regular fitness habit.

Gym location

Unless the fitness club is convenient to your daily commute, then your attendance will tend to drop off swiftly. More often than not, people end up with health clubs that don’t have the exact facilities they want because of their convenient location.

Class hours and trainer availability

What is the facility’s business hours? How is the gym staffed? Do they offer the type of group classes you prefer at hours that would fit your schedule? If you intend to get a personal trainer, at what hours is he or she available? If you will need an onsite child care service, is it available and at what hours are they open?

Health Club staff

Is the staff respectful and accommodating? Do they greet you or simply ignore your presence? Do they sound and act like professionals or do you suspect that they are working on a summer job for minimum wage? Do they appear like socializing rather than assisting you? Are they familiar with all the fitness equipments in the gym? Are they able to assist you and guide you with your fitness goals? Try to find their staff credentials and certifications as well.


Are their equipment in good condition? Are the mats, shower areas and locker rooms clean? Can the towels be used for free or at an additional cost? If they witness one of their clients do something unsafe, how do they intervene?

Membership cost

Negotiating a fitness club contract can be very confusing. Make sure you understand its basic fees and components such as the following:

  • Contract duration
  • Initiation fees
  • Additional fees for parking, child care, personal training & etc.
  • Billing guidelines
  • Refunds

Don’t hesitate to negotiate a better deal with them. If they can’t lower down the price, try to ask for free extras. Do they provide discounts for other family members or perhaps credits for referring people?

Trial memberships

Take advantage of any free gym sessions to help you assess the health club first hand. It can be very hard to shake a salesperson who is trying to show you their amenities, but it can be hard for you to get a fulfilling workout with them at your side. If ever you get annoyed, you can always ask them for a space for a more informed decision. They should be able to honor your request.

And best of all, don’t forget to read gym reviews that you can find online or even in magazines. Know what other people have to say about the health club.


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